July 02,2013

Charlottesville Charm {Stephanie & Jay}

This fabulous wedding kicked off my wedding season at one of my favorite venues- Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, VA!

The magnificent Adam and the rest of the staff at Keswick outdid themselves again!  The couple started the weekend off with an intimate rehearsal dinner in the board room, a welcome reception surrounding the pool, as well as golf and skeet shooting the next morning!

The bride started off her morning in my favorite way- running with the hounds!! Every Saturday morning, the Keswick Hunt Club goes for a run… and you can join!  For all of my fellow dog lovers, what a great way to start your wedding morning!

Then we were off to hair and make up with the wonderful Pattie Martin and Abri Harrison of Hair by Jewels.

I ADORE this picture of the bride and her niece!! Keswick’s suites provide such a wonderful backdrop for photos and makes it easy on the planner to keep the bride and groom from seeing each other!  Thank you Jack Looney for the beautiful photos! 

The beautiful ceremony by the pool just reflected the calm and peaceful nature of this wonderful couple!

After our I do’s the couple took some photos around the amazing grounds of Keswick!  

Stay tuned for photos of the gorgeous reception and a romantic surprise with cake cutting!!



June 28,2013

All in Favor… Say ‘Bride!’

What is it about a wedding favor that puts it at the top of a bride’s to-do list?  Simple. It’s a thank you combined with the couple’s own creative flair. I can’t see a better way to make your guests feel welcomed and show your appreciation, especially if they’ve traveled many miles. I’ve found it comforting and unique when couples give gifts that are not only useful, but also shed a light on the couple themselves. I find that the true gift is the personality of the couple, whether it be completely ridiculous and out-of-this-world, or more reserved and quiet.

I love these blankets and handkerchiefs for a chilly end of the summer wedding!  A wedding favor is a great way to tell your guests you’re happy they came…and please take a little bit of us home with you!  If you invest some time and thought into your favor, it will be something your guests use and remember how much fun they had with you on your big day!  

With crab season among us, I love this display!  How much fun (and delicious) would this be for a rehearsal dinner!  

Keeping your favor as something “local” is always a fun idea too!  Love these lobster crackers for a Northeastern wedding or from a Northeastern couple!  

 Honey well wishes and rosemary infused olive oil are gifts I would love to receive as a guest!

When it comes to these favors it’s okay to think outside the box…of mints! Think about your story. Where did you meet? How did you meet? Is there something funny involved? Asking yourself questions like these can spark creative ideas for favors that connect you with your guests in more ways than you thought. Keep an open mind!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my experience so far, it’s that guests like seeing your personality in every aspect of your wedding. So make sure the favors are personal, too! It’s a small token of the day. Don’t stress about it, it could end up being your favor-ite part! J


Intern Erica

June 27,2013

Eccentric Escort Cards

Let’s get creative!  Escort and place cards are a great avenue to highlight the overall theme of your wedding and showcase your creativity!  Picking something a little off the beaten path instead of your typical table lined with plain white cards can be a fun way to spark guests interest, create a memory and even have their own special keepsake!

You can do anything from arranging your cards on a vertical frame to using that card as your favor!  For a coastal affair, consider using oyster shells.  They can hold your cards or for a more “cast away” look, inscribe directly on the shell!
For a vineyard themed wedding, try a wine cork or even get seasonal with gold foil leaves attached to a tree for a fall wedding.  In this heat, I’m already dreaming of the cooler weather!  My personal faves though are ones that really show the personality of the couple.  I both of the ideas below of hand-painting Mexican tiles (try Tuscan for an Italian style wedding) with guests’ names or creating a paper flower for each table with guests names as the petals! 
Here are just a few ideas to spark your own! 


Intern Meg

Photo credits: 1. Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography via Style Me Pretty; 2. Photo by Caplan Miller Events via Style Me Pretty; 3. Photo by Melinda Morris; 4. Photo by Cuppa Photography; 5. Photo by Gary and Courtney Christenson; 6. Photo by Sarah Ainsworth via CeciStyle Magazine

June 26,2013

If Every Wedding Could Be Like This . . .

Denise and Devin’s wedding was the perfect one for me in every way. The couple was gorgeous and sweet as could be. Their families may be the nicest ones on the planet (and I’d worked with the bride’s family before on Denise’s sister’s wedding 10 years earlier so I know just how wonderful they are). The bridesmaids were lovely and the groomsmen were mostly strapping men in uniform (which was lovely). The vendors were all amazing and the venue was breathtaking. And to top it all off, everything went flawlessly and it was one of the most flat-out fun parties I’ve been to in a while.

We started off the day with Denise and her girls getting ready at The Willard with the fabulous Nikki Fraser doing makeup and Remona doing hair. Love these talented ladies!

What a stunning bride and bridal party!

Meanwhile, with the guys . . .

Then it was off to St. Aloysius Catholic Church for a full mass with a gospel choir!

Denise was welcomed into the Marines with a traditional sword arch.

Then it was off to the reception at The Mellon with decor by Amaryllis, lighting by John Farr Lighting, rentals by Perfect Settings and DC Rental and catering by Occasions!

The band Nocturne from New York kept the dance floor packed all night!

The couple cut a beautiful cake

Then more dancing . . .

Thanks to Denise and Devin and their wonderful families for sharing their amazing day with us, to my crackerjack assistants Bella and Meg for keeping me sane, to Greg Gibson for the stunning images and to the entire wedding team for creating a truly magical evening!


June 24,2013

Pretty Plains Wedding {Selina & Rob}!

We loved being a part of Selina and Rob’s gorgeous wedding in The Plains, Virginia. Check out these lovely images and charming details.

Congratulations Selina and Rob!

Thanks to my amazing team who created the magic:

Venue: Parents’ Horse Farm in The Plains
Photographer: Jason Travis
Florist: English Floral Design
Caterer: Federal City Caterers
Tent: Virginia Tent Rental
Hair: Christophe
Band: Eturnity Star
Country Cocktail Hour Band: Lisa Kay Trio



Bride’s “Green” Bag Winner!

Thanks to everyone who “liked” us and said hi on our Facebook page! The winner of the fun bridal tote bag filled with eco-friendly goodies is Kelly Braga. Congratulations Kelly! Email us with your snail mail address and we will get the bag out to you likkety-split!

More giveaways coming up so stay tuned!

June 20,2013

Engaging Affairs’ Fabbity Fab Interns!

This summer I have had the wonderful experience of working with two delightful and energetic young ladies!  They have been so quick to learn the ins and outs and we have had so much fun working together!  They have put up with my insane ideas, helped me find my keys when I have misplaced them (happens often), and provided me with so much more than an extra pair (or two) of hands!!




My name is Erica Shipley and I am thrilled to have been thrown into the magical world of weddings in the D.C. area. Engaging Affairs has shown me everything and more about this industry, with everything from trends to the exact placement of a chair in a reception setting. A few things about myself…

1) What has been your favorite moment of your internship so far?
One of the other great things I’ve learned through this is that you should keep everyone involved in the wedding happy– guests included. There was a guest at one wedding that had a food allergy so severe he couldn’t eat the food that was served. Amanda took great measures to make sure that he got a meal that would satisfy him. We ordered him a burger and fries from a local pub, picked up, and left him with a full stomach and a smile on his face. It felt great to make him so happy. 
2) What is your best personality characteristic as it pertains to weddings?

I think I am committed to making people happy, whether it be the bride or the groom’s second cousin who he was forced to invite.
3) If you were a superhero, what would be your name and your super power?

Petal to the Metal, and my power would be to be able to make any wilting flower petals in a centerpiece come to life.


Hi! I’m Meg, an upcoming senior at Georgetown University exploring the world of wedding planning for the first time this summer. At the moment I’m pretty much living the dream, enjoying summertime and attending meetings and weddings with two of the most fun people ever: Amanda and Erica! We have a great time together and I love spending time with them. I’m from southwestern Virginia and love weddings with some Southern style, but my favorite parts of any wedding are the personal touches that really describe who the couple is, how they met, and who they have become together.

1) What’s your favorite trend in weddings that you are loving right now?

My favorite trend in weddings right now are creative escort cards. I love new ideas of ways to integrate the cards into the theme of the wedding instead of just having a table with plain cards laid out in rows. Ideas like making the cards into shapes or flowers that guests can take or attaching them to an upright board with clothes pins are some of my favorites.

2) What has been your favorite moment of your internship so far?

While I have loved every moment I’ve had this summer and especially those with Amanda and Erica, my favorite moment so far this summer was at the first wedding that I worked at the Mellon with Laura. My favorite part of any wedding are the toasts by the Best Man and Maid of Honor. At the first wedding I worked, the Best Man’s toast was one of the nicest and most moving speeches I have heard in a long time. He talked about the groom’s older brother who had died and, therefore, wasn’t able to be the Best Man at his wedding a few years earlier. Instead the groom agreed to fill his brother’s role which meant the world to his now Best Man. Hearing that speech made me realize how incredible weddings can be in the ways in which they bring people together and celebrate the relationships and love between all of them.

3) If you were a superhero, what would be your name and your super power?

If I were a superhero, I would need to have a super power that would make me an essential guest at any party or celebration. Therefore, I would want the power to turn water into wine, which would definitely let my clients cut some costs in their weddings and make sure that the celebration never ended due to a lack of wine. As the superhero of celebration and turning water into wine, my name would be Dionysia.

June 17,2013

June Is For Weddings . . . and Giveaways!

above graphic from heartsandlaserbeams.com

To celebrate the wonderful wedding month of June (and all of our June brides) we are going to be giving away some fun wedding-related goodies for the rest of the month!  Hooray!

First up, an eco-friendly bride’s bag of goodies! Inside the cute canvas tote that says “bride to be,” the lucky winner will find a copy of “The Green Bride Guide” book plus a “Bride” Sigg stainless steel water bottle, a pretty pashmina and a “Ten Ways to be Green” thong. Fun!

To be entered to win, go to our Facebook page and “Like” us. If you’ve already liked us, write us a message on our wall to say hi! We’ll pick a winner on Friday morning, June 21st and announce it here on the blog and on FB.

Good luck and stay tuned for a new giveaway next week!